Strio Bake & Sip Multitasking 3-in-1Dab and Drink Kit

by puff21
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The Strio Bake & Sip will surprise you with its delivery. Get to smoke, drink, and dab without changing gadgets. The brand's design is compatible with both concentrates and herbs.


  • Portable and convenient

  • Easy to carry around

  • Available in blue and black 

  • Has 18mm to 14mm adapters

  • Excellent STRIO authentic product and design

  • Water fillable

  • Discreet design for easy travel

  • It offers different ways to smoke

  • Separate compartments for drinking water and smoke filtration


Are you tired of choking every time you smoke your favorite herb? Then, the Strio Bake & Sip is the perfect solution for you. You'll fall in love with the sleek design, but even more with its multifaceted functionality. 

Get to smoke, dab, drink water, and avoid the constant coughs that accompany smoking and dabbing. Due to its thermos-like design, this bake and sip will hold your drinking water and smoke filtering water separately. So you don't have to worry about contamination.

The two separate water-fillable compartments allow you to filtrate your dab hits and follow up by drinking up some water in case you get cotton mouth! 

Get it in your favorite color since it is available in blue and black. You can trust the brand since Strio has been around for a while and is celebrated for its Blaze D8 devices. Their continued innovation assures users of excellent products like the Bake&Sip.

Anyone looking for convenience will find this exceptional. What's more, you can always bring it whenever you travel and use it discreetly wherever you are.

Additionally, the Bake and Sip come with an 18mm to 14mm adapter that can fit bowls and bangers regardless of their shape and size. Finally, the slick-looking cup and its discreet water pipe make it an easy-to-clean piece for those worried about care and maintenance.

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