STRIO Fly High 2G 510 Battery

by puff21

Introducing the Fly High 2g 510 Battery by Strio, the best brand on the market for cannabis use purposes. This innovative product boasts a powerful smoke spray function that delivers a stronger hit than you have ever experienced from a 510 battery. With its discreet design, it's perfect for those seeking a low key way to smoke your carts. This is the perfect choice, the cart just goes right inside hidden and protected. 

Product Features:

  • 510 Thread Battery: Compatible with most 510 threaded cartridges.
  • Automatic Smoke Spray Function: Enjoy a powerful jet of smoke for a more intense puff. 
  • Fits Up to 2g Carts: No need to worry about running out of space for your favorite cartridges.
  • Discreet Design: The sleek design ensures that your vaping sessions remain inconspicuous.
  • Aluminum Alloy Shell + Plastic Mouthpiece: Actually looks good 
  • Long-Lasting 650mAh USB Type C Rechargeable Battery: Charge up and enjoy hours of uninterrupted smoking.
  • Adjustable Voltage: Choose from three voltage settings (2.8V, 3.4V, and 3.8V), choose your intensity. 
  • Battery Level Display: Keep track of your battery life with ease.
  • Over voltage and Short Circuit Protection: Safety features to ensure a worry free session.
  • 4 Distinct Colors: Aqua Blue, Satin Pink, Fire Red, And Jet Black

Elevate your cartridge experience with the Fly High 2g by Strio. Designed for both discreet and powerful sessions, this battery is perfect for those seeking a high-quality, long lasting, and powerful pen that has adjustable voltage. Strio does it best and they have been in the game for a while and they just keep getting better.

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