Strio Puffy Boy 1g 510 Thread Cart Battery

by puff21

Need a 510 cartridge battery? Grab the new Strio Puffy Boy 1g 510 thread cart battery for a sleek, discreet, and fun way to enjoy your dabs. With this charming sidekick, you pull the strong magnetic bottom off. Screw the cart onto the 510 thread connection port, then reattach the top. Bam, all ready and set for launch off!

The brand Strio has been in the game forever and is renowned for its high quality products. They took Puffy Boy a step forward not just with design but with its impressive 450 mAh Type-C rechargeable battery, ensuring you can enjoy your dabs all day long. You can take full control of your airflow with variable voltage options (2.8V/3.4V/3.8V); the higher the voltage, the stronger the hit. It fits any 1 gram cart, and if you want something bigger, try out the Strio Fly High 2g battery.

The worst feeling ever is getting a brand new cartridge and your battery is hitting weak because you forgot to charge it. Stay ahead of the game with Puffy Boy and its nifty battery level display; you'll never have to panic again. Plus, the overload and short circuit protection ensures safety first.


  • Indigo Blu

  • Peach Fab

  • Red Velvet

  • Tiffany Blu 

  • Vermillion

Product Features: 

  • 450 mAh Battery

  • Fast Charging, Type C

  • Discrete 

  • Fits 1G

  • 510 Thread

  • Variable Voltage Options (2.8V/3.4V/3.8V)

  • Overload And Short Circuit Protection

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