Trinity Pro Wax Pen

by puff21


The Trinity Pro wax pen has so many great things about it! Aside from it being the perfect size, the glass tank has a silicone sleeve around it with a cool honeycomb pattern. The silicone sleeve provides comfort and protection from heat, and it offers protection from accidental drops.

The battery life can be viewed by the color of the light when the device is turned on. It also has a new innovative process for prepping/loading your concentrate. You can simply use the included dabbing tool (on the mouthpiece) to directly load the concentrates. The dab tool in the mouthpiece is also perfect for stirring your product.

Also included is a new airflow design that drops the concentrate into the bowl automatically as it reaches the perfect temperature! The battery is 1000mAh making it very strong for its convenient size. Our absolute favorite feature is the ingenious quartz bowl which ensures that the concentrate never touches the heating coil.  This makes your product not only last longer but also taste great and pure without burning. No more unpleasant burnt taste!

Three operational modes are available as well: a “sesh” mode to make sharing easy and two others that create that ideal temperature. The mouthpiece is super comfy and comes with a multifunctional piece that works as a dab tool as well as a splashback.

The visible heating chamber allows you to see your concentrate do its thing and reach that perfect temp for the perfect puff. The majority of the beautiful Trinity Pro pen glows in the dark, adding to the experience. STRIO does it again!

  • 1000mAh battery
  • Silicone sleeve for protection
  • Included dabbing tool
  • Quartz bowl for pure hits
  • 3 operational modes
  • Glows in the dark

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