Stone Rolling Tray by Ongrok

by puff21

It is easier to roll your loose tobacco on a good surface. So what better way to do this than to get the Stone rolling Tray by Ongrok? This brand is known to deliver excellent tray pieces that are both functional and decorative.


  • Artisan's hand made

  • Lap sized trays

  • Small compartments

  • Excellent home accessory

  • Can make great decorative trays


This unique tray is crafted from acacia wood. Every wood rolling tray has been crafted and layered with a food-safe protective coating. This gives the tray a unique, polished coating that makes it stand out.

The tray is specially designed to help keep all rolling accessories, including tobacco and rolling papers, intact in one place. It would be best if you considered adding these trays to your smoking accessories, especially because they are simple to clean and come with a discard corner that makes things much easier.

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