Blue 4-in-1 Magnetic Tsunami Dugout

by puff21

The Tsunami 4-in-1 Dugout may be the solution you need to enjoy your smoking sessions away from home. In addition, it provides a perfect remedy for regular travelers who may need their hitter, grinder, storage, and ashtray. This single device combines all these important elements in a perfect, lightweight, and easy-to-carry device. So step out like the cool person you are in the blue version of the same.


  • Durable Aluminum Construction

  • 4-in-1 (grinder, storage, ashtray, one-hitter)

  • Strong Magnetic Lid

  • Perfect size for traveling

  • Mini Grinder

  • One hitter with a serrated tip

  • Easy to Clean


Have you been worried about maintaining the same excellent smoking session even when you are on the move? Well, the blue Tsunami Dugout may be what you need to make this desire come true. 

The dugout is easy to maintain because of how easy it is to clean it. You can also trust the quality since it is constructed using anodized aluminum, which is durable and very light, making the dugout portable. Furthermore, this device will deliver all you need since it serves as a mini grinder, an ashtray, a hitter, and a storage unit. Besides delivering a smooth hit every time you use it, it also guarantees odorless use, thanks to the magnetic lid holding back all the storage contents and eliminating the possibility of any scent leaks.  

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