Gold 4-in-1 Magnetic Tsunami Dugout

by puff21

Are you in need of a mini grinder, a hitter, or even an ashtray for your smoking escapades? Then, the gold-colored Tsunami Dugout 4-in-one may be the perfect solution to your needs. It offers a grinder, hitter, storage, and ashtray in a single device, making it a perfect travel kit. What's more, it doesn't have to be boring, so choosing gold is great if you want to seem chic and sophisticated.


  • Durable Aluminum Construction

  • 4-in-1 (grinder, storage, ashtray, one-hitter)

  • Strong Magnetic Lid

  • Perfect size for traveling

  • Mini Grinder

  • One hitter with a serrated tip

  • Easy to Clean


Appear rich and controlled by carrying and using the gold Tsunami Dugout during your smoking sessions. You can easily command a lot of respect with this piece which is also easy to clean. Its quality is guaranteed, not to mention the fact that it serves many purposes. This mini-grinder, cum storage, cum hitter, cum ashtray is the perfect choice if you are always on the move. To make it even more practical, it's constructed using lightweight anodized aluminum, making it portable. Get it in gold to elevate your status. The good news is that this dugout will always get you the smoothest hit during your sessions. For even more convenient use, the magnetic lid in the device ensures that the storage unit contents are held back and no leaks occur, as this could cause a bad odor. 

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