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8'' Green Tsunami Glass concentrate Rig with Inline Diffuser

8'' Green Tsunami Glass concentrate Rig with Inline Diffuser

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This green 8-inch glass water pipe is perfect for regular dabbers. It offers the stability you need for daily use and thus a great investment.


  • Stemline/Inline Diffuser

  • Bent Neck

  • Fixed Perc

  • 90 Degree

  • 14mm Female Joint

  • 14mm Male Thermal Banger

  • Flat Base

  • 8" Height


Choose a concentrate rig that serves you perfectly. A good example would be this green Tsunami rig, one of Tsunami's new stemline products. The brand has done a great job helping make dabbing easy and smooth. It has downward-facing slits that enhance smooth filtration and permit solid bubble chop. The colored bulb on top is a splash guard that helps contain water in the downward rig section. Also notable is the thermal banger, contributing to the inline rig tree water pipe's beautiful look. Its functional design makes it practical, thanks to its compact and ultra-filtering properties. The slitted inline diffuser also leads to the bubble chamber, allowing you to witness the smoke swirling into the 8-arm tree percolator. With every hit, the rig also infuses puffs with bubbles to achieve an extra smooth and cooling sensation. The clumsy one will love that this rig has a wide base, enhancing its stability. You'll notice that it has a straight angle, making your smoking experience easy. Its rimmed mouthpiece also improves comfort.

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