Purple 6'' Tsunami Concentrate Mini Bell Glass Rig

by puff21

There is power in small sizes when glass pipes are concerned. The Tsunami mini Bell rig proves this perfectly. Moreover, it brings out the best flavors.


  • Two-hole basic percolator

  • Wide base for increased stability

  • Smooth smoke

  • Perfect angled mouthpiece

  • 14mm Male Quartz Banger Provided

  • Bent Neck

  • Drip Catch


Everyone loves a good deal that offers value for money. The affordable Tsunami mini Bell rig does that and so much more. Besides ensuring that you get the maximum flavors without breaking your bank, it creates a comfortable smoking experience, thanks to the bent design. Additionally, the drip catch it comes with helps keep the pipe clean, elevating your experience even more.

This is one of the balanced glasses you'll come across in the market. It delivers highly on price and usability with its simple design features and ergonomic shape, guaranteeing comfort when in use. Its sturdy flared base ensures that everything is stable.

It also has an extra glass area under the 14mm joint responsible for catching ash as it drops from the bowl. Once smoke enters the rig, it gets filtered by the basic two-hole diffuser and delivers the best. For aesthetic appeal, the Tsunami logo and perfect colors enhance its appeal.

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