Blue Tsunami Glass Water Pipe Concentrate Rig Showerhead

by puff21

Get this 7-inch glass water pipe in your favorite blue color and enjoy your dabbing experience any day.


  • Showerhead percolator

  • Wide base for improved stability

  • Smooth smoke

  • Fully-connected shower head

  • Perfect smoking curve angle

  • Bubble/apple shape

  • It comes with a 14mm male quartz thermal banger


The green Blue: WP-10260 tsunami glass water pipe is another excellent proof confirming Tsunami's ability to get their customers top-notch dab rigs. The cute rig is 7 inches tall and has a thick base for increased stability when in use or storage. As for performance rating, this rig delivers beyond expectations. Its showerhead diffuser is connected to the thick base, not to mention the built-in drip catch for better results. 

For even greater news, this is one of the more affordable concentrate rigs that deliver not only on the price but also on the features. Regular users can confidently use it daily, thanks to the sturdiness and compact design it comes with. The extra stability brought about by the thick base makes it more comfortable to use regularly. Many will find the curved mouthpiece friendly and a breeze to clean. It is the ultimate choice for smooth, cool, and excellently filtered daily hits.

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