Green Tsunami Glass Water Pipe Concentrate Rig Showerhead

by puff21

This is a 7-inch glass water pipe with a 14mm quartz-thick thermal banger. 


  • Showerhead percolator

  • Smooth smoke

  • Wide base for improved stability

  • Perfect smoking curve angle

  • Bubble/apple shape

  • Fully-connected shower head

  • It comes with a 14mm male quartz thermal banger


The green Green: WP-10261 tsunami glass water pipe is a great proof that Tsunami never disappoints when delivering a quality dab rig. This rig stands at 7 inches tall and has a thick base that makes it stable when used. Its performance is further enhanced due to its showerhead diffuser connected to the thick base. It also has an in-built drip catch for more convenience. 

Moreover, this affordable concentrate rig delivers not only on the price but also on the features. It's easy to turn it into a daily use rig, thanks to its compact, sturdy, and comfortable design. The extra-base thickness adds prime stability to the rig. You'll also love the curved mouthpiece since it is user-friendly and easy to clean. This is what you need for daily cool, smooth, and optimally filtered hits. 

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