Clear Blue 12 Tsunami Sprinkler Honeycomb Twist Recycler Water Pipe

by puff21

This compact but complex designed Tsunami Sprinkler Honeycomb Twist Recycler water pipe is designed to filter your rips in a neat and tight package. It is attractive and comes with maximum percolations power and sprinkler perc, two honey disc percs, and sprinkler perc.


  • Multiple Percolators

  • Bent Neck Prevents Splash Back

  • Reinforced Fixed Downstem

  • Outstanding Function with Sleek Design

  • High-Quality Borosilicate Glass

  • 18mm Female Quartz Thermal Banger

  • 4mm thickness

  • 18.8mm male joint

  • 12 Inches Tall

  • Branded Glass

  • Colored Accents

  • Curved Mouthpiece

  • Includes Quartz Banger

  • No Splashback Design

  • Quad Perc Power

  • Scientific Glass

  • Spiral Perc

  • Splash Guard

  • Sprinkler Perc

  • Thick Round Base

  • Two Honeycomb Percs

  • Smooth, tasty hits


The clear blue Tsunami Sprinkler Honeycomb Twist Recycler water pipe is a beautiful sight. However, this recycler is a powerful glass that delivers out-of-the-world smooth and cool rips beyond the aesthetics and excellent features. It is outfitted with sprinkler perc, spiral perc, and two honeycomb percs, delivering excellent results and fun four times.

Every time you load the 18mm female banger with the concentrate and take a hit, sit back and watch the smoke filter and cool with ultimate bubbling water. The smoke then turns and twists to deliver a sensational show as it finds its way through the slightly curved mouthpiece with splashguard.

The heavenly feel from inhaling the pure, clean hit will transport you to another world as you enjoy every bit of the flavors you are dabbing. Everything about this glass is designed to balance the tasty and cool effect of the smoke. So you can be sure that you won't be complaining about the harshness of the hits or choking on the smoke. This twist recycler serves as a statement and practical piece that can easily be turned into a daily-use glass, thanks to its durability.

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