Tall Clear Blue 22’’ Tsunami Double Drum Donut Tube Water Pipe Bong

by puff21

Are you scouting for an effective and great-looking bong capable of drumming up excellent hits that will be easy and smooth on your lungs and throats? If so, then the 22'' Tall Tsunami Double Drum Tube should be your ideal pick.


  • Multiple Percolators

  • Reinforced Fixed Downstem

  • Outstanding Function with Sleek Design

  • High-quality Borosilicate Glass

  • 14mm Male Bowl

  • Vortex Tunnel


Tsunami does not shy away from creating practical glasses that do the work right. Let not the size of the 22'' Tsunami Double Drum Tube intimidate you. This pipe is certainly a force to reckon with. You'll notice that the gorgeous pipe comes with multiple percolators, a sign that it does its job perfectly.

It delivers extreme filtration in addition to being a standing/ towering beauty. Each draw you take allows the smoke to go through the reinforced fixed downstem to the donut percolator, where the smoke swirls around; it gets filtered and cooled before returning to the first drum perc.

Here, the holes in the drum percolator cool the smoke some more. This smoke then moves to the second drum perc, where it undergoes further filtration and lets you get cool, buttery smooth rips. That's not all, as this pipe also comes with several ice notches with sufficient room to accommodate enough ice cubes to deliver extra chilly and frosty rips.

If you care about aesthetics, you'll love that this pipe comes with a distinct Tsunami glass logo on the tube, a fixed downstem, and a body. The attractive color accents on the mouthpiece rim are a great addition, not to mention the thick colored bases in your favorite color.

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