12’’ Tsunami Glass Water Pipe Showerhead Twist Recycler

by puff21

This extraordinary recycler improves performance by taking advantage of its design. It utilizes the design to increase percolation. The twist is impressive but also functional as it helps to filter your smoke out. It is also very practical to travel with and will mostly act as a decor piece for your side table whenever you are traveling.


  • It comes with a twist Perc

  • It has a halo Perc

  • It comes with a bent Neck

  • Is stemless

  • Bowl Type: 14mm Male

  • Color: amber


Do you desire to take your dabbing to the next level without investing too much? Well, the Tsunami Wp Shower Head Twist Perc Recycler 12 Clear Amber (6ea / Mc) may be the answer to your questions. This recycler is nothing short of amazing. It will help boost your percolation and ensure that your smoke is filtered out. It's also a portable option for when you need to travel and have something handy within reach. Finally, you will not feel embarrassed having it with you since it is beautiful and cute even to display when not in use.

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