Urban Tale X Lost Mary Salt Nicotine Juice 30mL

by puff21

Urban Tale has teamed up with the fan favorite Lost Mary brand to create one of the best salt nicotine juices available. This e-liquid is crafted for those seeking flavors that taste exactly like disposable vapes. It comes in a 30mL plastic dripper bottle with a child resistant cap and features a balanced VG/PG ratio of 50/50, ensuring you get a fresh, tasty and smooth flavor every puff. 

The Urban Tale x Lost Mary Salt Nicotine Juice offers 12 mouth-watering flavors to choose from, including classic Blue Razz Ice and the refreshing, crisp Miami Mint. It is available in two nicotine strength levels: 35mg and 50mg, to suit your preference. 


  • Blue Razz Ice: A classic tangy blue raspberry with an icy finish.

  • Blueberry Cloudd: Fresh blueberry plus a kick of menthol

  • Watermelon Ice: Refreshing cold watermelon. 

  • California Cherry: A lot of cherries! 

  • Gami: A sweet unique candy flavor and a mild coolness.

  • Miami Mint: Minty goodness, almost tastes like a peppermint.

  • Strawberry Mango: Fresh ripe strawberries mixed with juicy mangoes. 

  • Triple Berry Ice: A lot of blueberries and a subtle tangy raspberry flavor. 

  • Grapple Peach: Cool crisp apple intertwined with peach perfectly. 

  • Strawberry Ice: Ripe sweet frozen strawberries.

  • Lemon Lime: A sharp sour lemon and lime creating a summertime citrus delight. 

  • Tropic Mango Ice: Tropical juicy mangoes escape with an icy menthol finish. 

Product Features:

  • VG/PG Ratio Of 50/50

  • 30mL Plastic Dripper bottle 

  • Child Resistant Cap 

  • 12 Flavors

  • Available In Two Options: 35MG OR 50MG 

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