Ursa by MJ Arsenal Mini Dan Rigs

by puff21

MJ Arsenal doesn’t cut corners or skip over the details. Each piece is precisely crafted, ensuring the enjoyment. But it’s more than just function with MJ Arsenal, each piece is a work of art. Hand crafter from quartz and borosilicate glass, these pieces are worth treating like art.

The second addition to the MJ arsenal of mini rigs, the Ursa. Featuring a rear mounted downward stem, taking to to the discus perc, shooting up to the in-cycler, all protected by the splash guard to keep any water in the piece. Easily one of the most spill resistant pieces from MJ arsenal. The function on 

the Ursa is breath taking. Smooth hits delivered by twice filtered water making hits extra smooth. The Ursa outshines rigs even twice it's size!

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