Zombi Live Badder Cartridge 2G

by puff21

Introducing the latest release from Zombi, the 2 gram Live Badder Delta 8 THC cartridge! This powerful and potent product will be floating into a state of pure enjoyment, leaving you feeling like a true zombie. You will be stoned with 1-3 puffs, if you want a more intense experience, take 5-10 puffs. Also, for those who prefer the convenience of disposables, Zombi also offers the same blend in a 3 gram disposable vape form. 

The Zombi's products are a pure blend from hemp derived concentrate, made right here in the United States. This ensures the highest quality and purity of oil. The cartridges contain unaltered delta 8 with no added MCT oil or fillers, you will be puffing nothing but potency. Compatible with most 510 thread batteries, just make sure your battery can accommodate a 2 gram cartridge. If you need a recommendation, the Strio Fly High 2G 510 Battery is an excellent choice. Plus it is very discreet and looks like a disposable vape!

With five different strains available, you will not be disappointed with any, all bursting with amazing flavors. All carts are third party tested and contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC, ensuring compliance with the law, yes it is legal. 


  • Blue Wreck (Indica)

  • Compound Z (Hybrid)

  • Mk Ultra (Indica)

  • Pineapple Express (Sativa)

  • White Widow (Sativa)

  • Item-9 (Hybrid)

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