Zombi THCA Flower 4 Grams

by puff21

The incredible new Zombi THCA Flower is a top quality, potent hemp derived cannabis product that delivers an exceptional high, making you feel like a zombie. Each jar contains 4 grams of pure, 100% natural THCA, perfect for elevating your smoking sessions. Don't forget to check out the Zombi live badder 3.5g disposable vape on our website. This is one of the best flower brands that will have you floating on a cloud. 

With a potency that surpasses regular THC cannabis, the Zombi Flower promises a next level high. Through decarboxylation, a process involving heat or vaporization, you can convert THCA into THC, making every 1% about 0.87% THC. That is what makes this product one of the best. This high is not only incredible but also prolonged compared to delta 8, providing everything you have been craving in a cannabis product.

Zombi THCA Flower Flavors & Strains:

  • Apple Fritter - Hybrid 
  • Jack Herer - Sativa 
  • Northern Lights - Indica

Indica, is a body buzz compared to a sativa which is more mind oriented buzz. A hybrid is a mix of both worlds. All are third party tested to ensure safety and follows all laws. 


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