A Complete Guide About Buying The Best Dab Rig

A Complete Guide About Buying The Best Dab Rig

Dabbing is a safer alternative to inhaling smoke using a direct flame. The flame is ignited to burn or char herbs or their concentrates directly. The process lets the substance burn to a vapor-like state using convective heating.

In other words, dabbing is a way of cooking the substances on a protective surface instead of burning directly over a flame. 

What Is A Dab Rig? 

The device used to carry out dabbing is known as a dab rig. It is a type of a bong or a smoking pipe and is sometimes referred to as concentrate rigs. These are designed using glass and work on the same water filtration principle. 

Components Of A Dab Rig

An ideal dab rig will have the following parts: 

  • Glass vapor slide
  • 90-degree joint
  • Recycler
  • Nail 

These parts can vary depending on the style and design of your dab rig. However, the nail is the most essential component of the device. It is available in materials like titanium, quartz, and glass. All of these materials have their pros and cons, hence, choose a device wisely and as per your requirements. 

A dag rig can also have a vapor dome which helps in trapping the concentrated vapor. Traditional water pipes might not be able to do this as they have a 45-degree joint, whereas, a dab rig has a 90-degree joint and are smaller which can help in preventing the dilution of vapor. 

Identifying A Dabbing Device

There are various similar-looking smoking devices available and it could be confusing for some to identify the right one. To know whether the device is a dab rig, you can look at the joint of the device. If it is a male joint with a vapor dome or glass nail, the device is suitable for dabbing. 

Choosing The Best Dab Rig

There are various kinds of dab rigs available in the market, right from simple low-end ones to high-end dab rigs. Choosing one out of a huge variety could be difficult but here’s what you can keep in mind. 

Always look for three things - nail, glass piece, and torch lighter. Pay most attention to the nail which is also the heating element of the device. It is available in several materials. As a beginner, you might want to consider buying a domed nail that needs less care and offers lesser airflow. You are also advised to buy a butane torch instead of a propane one as it has a flame that is easy to manage. 

We Can Give You The Best Dab Rig

If you are still confused as to which dab rig to buy, then we are here to help you. At Puff 21 you will get only the best quality devices. You can visit our online store and pick the dab rig of your choice.

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