Exploring a Wide Variety of Bongs 

Bongs are popular smoking devices that use water to filter the smoke. This same process also cools and smoothens the smoke for a more enjoyable experience. But that’s not all. Bongs are also loved for the varieties they are available in. You will find a wide range of bongs based on their styles, sizes, and materials. 

Bongs are also not just for smoking. Many love them to buy as collectibles and decorative pieces. Thus, let’s explore some popular varieties of bongs and what makes them so special. 

Different Types of Bongs 

Bongs come in several different types which makes them ideal for different purposes. Some are preferred for their functionality, while others are simply loved for their beautiful design. Hence, let’s start with knowing more about them. 

      1. Straight tube bongs 

These bongs feature a straightforward design. Straight tube bongs consist of a vertical tube with a base, a removable bowl, and a mouthpiece. These bongs provide a direct path for the smoke while delivering potent hits. Straight-tube bongs are famous for their simplicity and are loved by experienced smokers. 

      2. Beaker bongs 

As the name suggests, a beaker bong has a wide base as that of a beaker. This base offers increased stability. The larger base also allows for a greater volume of water which then enhances the filtration process. Beaker bongs also provide smooth hits and have a larger smoke capacity. These bongs are perfect for beginners as well as experienced smokers. 

      3. Percolator bongs 

These bongs have additional filtration through one or more percolators. You can also find additional chambers or structures that diffuse the smoke creating more bubbles. As a result, hits from percolator bongs are smoother and cooler. Perc bongs are also available in different styles such as tree percs, honeycomb percs, and showerhead percs. Each of these offers a different level of filtration. 

      4. Recycler bongs 

Recycler bongs are designed to continuously recycle water and create a loop for the smoke to pass through. These bongs have multiple chambers and pathways that effectively cool and filter the smoke. Recycler bongs are especially known for their filtration and exceptionally smooth hits. They are loved by experienced smokers who prefer the advanced water circulation system. 

Bongs are also available in different sizes and materials like glass, ceramics, silicone, metal, and acrylic. Many of these bongs are preferred as decorative items. However, all of them are equally efficient when it comes to functionality. You too can explore some good quality bongs at Puff 21. We are an online smoke shop selling the largest range of bongs, dab rigs, water pipes, glass pipes, bubblers, vaporizers, and other accessories. Contact our team today to learn more! 

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