Glass Bongs - The Safest Way To Enjoy Your Grass

Glass Bongs - The Safest Way To Enjoy Your Grass

A bong is usually referred to as a device used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, and other combinations of herbs. This device uses water or ice as the filtration system. There are several assumptions after the word “Bong” which is assigned to this smoking device. Some say the name is derived from the Thai word “Baung” which denotes a wooden water pipe and others believe it to have originated from the water pipe discovery made by an African tribe “Bong’om”. 

The device was first brought by overseas U.S. soldiers. Then the artisan glass blowers began making fancy bongs. 

Working Of A Bong

Bong works on a basic principle of passing the smoke from a cooling chamber filled with water or ice before being inhaled. The more the smoke remains in contact with the coolants, the smoother and cooler it will become. 

A bong is available in various shapes, sizes, and complexity but they all assure you of a pleasant smoking experience. 

Parts Of A Bong

An ideal bong will consist of these parts: 

  • The base or tube: the tube or the base is what ideally identifies a bong and is available in sizes from 8” and more. This is where you would add a small amount of water. 
  • Downstem: This is a tube that slides into the side of the bong. A few of them might be slotted at the bottom to create more bubbles. 
  • Carburetor or “Carb”: it is the hole in the side of the base meant for a clear airflow.
  • Bowl: this is the part where you place your herbs. Bowl is found at the opposite end of the downstem.  
  • Percolator: is a filter responsible for creating bubbles when the smoke is drawn. 

Some bongs also come with an ice pinch which is located near the top of the tube. Its purpose is to prevent the ice cubes from falling into the water and give a second level of cooling before the smoke reaches the mouth. 

Advantages Of Using A Bong

Bong is a much better way to smoke herbs, especially if you are looking for something which completely filters your smoke. A bong will filter the smoke using water and ice and also cool it down as compared to smoking a cigarette, joint, or pipe. A bong also ensures that none of the toxins and burning embers enter your mouth. 

Ultimately, using a bong is the safest and the cleanest way to enjoy smoking your herbs.  


Haven’t You Got A Bong Yet?

As we mentioned earlier, smoking from a bong is the safest and the cleanest way to smoke your herbs. If you haven’t invested in a bong yet, you might want to try one. We at Puff 21 can help you with finding a good quality glass bong. Visit our website and take a look at the collection of some amazing bongs.
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