How Clean Herb Grinders Can Enhance Your Smoking Experience

How Clean Herb Grinders Can Enhance Your Smoking Experience

Using a herb grinder to crush your weed is the best and the most recommended way to get finely ground stuff. You can also do this using your fingers but it will only make the job difficult with a few pieces sticking to your fingers. 

To experience a pleasant smoking session, a herb grinder is a must. But what’s even more important is to maintain the cleanliness of your herb grinder. A clean grinder will yield a better smoking experience than using an unclean one. 

Cleaning herb grinder follows a specific process and should be done using certain specific materials only. Here’s how you can go about it. 

Cleaning A Herb Grinder 

The method of cleaning a herb grinder depends on the type of grinder you own. A simple grinder with a single chamber will just need a few minutes to be cleaned. But a grinder with triple chambers will require more time and materials to be rubble-free. 

Materials For Cleaning Your Grinder

Resins and kief are the two most accumulated substances in the grinder which can also lower the efficiency of your device. These are also not “easy to remove” substances and need specific materials to be completely clean. To make your grinder completely resin and kief free, you will the following materials: 

  • Isopropyl alcohol 
  • Salt
  • Ziplock bag 
  • Brush with bristles 

How To Clean The Grinder?

Have you collected all the above-mentioned cleaning materials? Great! Let us begin with the cleaning process. 

  • Disassemble the grinder 
  • Place the grinder inside the ziplock bag filled with isopropyl alcohol
  • Use a brush with stiff bristles to scrub off the residue
  • You can even use a toothpick for better cleaning 
  • After removing the residue, rinse and wash your grinder with hot water.
  • Once washed thoroughly, place your grinder to dry
  • You can use a cloth or any other absorbent which can absorb all the moisture from the grinder

Follow these simple steps to achieve a residue-free grinder and enjoy the next smoking session. 

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