Identifying Functional And Non-Functional Heady Glass Pipes

Identifying Functional And Non-Functional Heady Glass Pipes

A heady glass pipe is a rather creative version of usual glass pipes which stresses more the artistic characteristics of the pipe over its function. However, a heady glass pipe will still function as usual. These are the masterpieces made by artisan glass blowers. 

Heady glass pipes are appealing to look at and a perfect collectible along with a purpose. But out of several tempting options, it can be difficult for you to choose the right piece. Therefore, we have summed up all the information about heady glass pipes in this blog to make the task easier for you. 

Functional Vs. Non-Functional Glass Pipes

There are two major types of glass pipes available-function and non-functional. Functional pipes are the ones that can be used to smoke and non-functional ones are those which only look appealing but cannot be used to smoke. Non-functional pipes are purely artistic and can be kept as collectibles or decorative pieces. 

Since non-functional pipes are purely artistic and do not work, you can even get functional pipes that are equally attractive. Slowly people have begun to appreciate the art of glass pipe blowing and enjoy buying a functional artistic heady glass pipes. 

Artisan glassblowers have eventually begun to design heady glass pipes which also serve their original function. Some of these art pieces can cost up to hundreds and thousands of dollars and they are worth it. We will tell you why. 

The prices of these beautiful pieces fluctuate depending on the demand these artists face. Some of their major clientele revolves around people like collectors, artists, critics, convention operators, gallery owners, and retailers. The demand raised by these people affects the prices of the artistic heady glass pipes. 

Initially, it took time to spread the word about these attractive art pieces. But now with the help of the internet and social media, these artists have been getting the exposure they need. They are also able to sell their work online which directly reaches the ones who would appreciate its design and efforts. 

Wish To Buy A Glass Pipe?

Heady glass pipes have recently become very popular and anyone interested in this field wishes to have such artistic pieces in their collection. You too can be one of them. 

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