Reviewing MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs

Reviewing MJ Arsenal Mini Rigs

With the rise in availability and use of concentrates, rigs have gained immense popularity among users. However, rig users often find themselves in confusion. The question is “Do you use concentrates enough to justify spending +$200?” or “Do you feel comfortable spending so much in case you drop the rig?”

Such questions then force the users to look for an affordable rig that also satisfies their smoking needs. Considering this situation, MJ Arsenal has introduced some brilliant concentrate rigs. Allow us to introduce them to you and review them at the same time. 

Who is MJ  Arsenal? 

MJ Arsenal is a brand that does miracles with traditional dab rigs. Based out of Denver, Colorado, the brand has mastered designing pocket-size rigs while retaining all the qualities of a traditional one. MJ Arsenal is also best known for their mini bubblers. 

Now that we know the specialties of MJ Arsenal, let us begin reviewing each of their products. 

Reviewing MJ Arsenal 

Listed below are some popular rigs by MJ Arsenal. Go through the reviews for a better idea. 

1. The Merlin Recycler Joint Bubbler and Mini Rig 

The Merlin was MJ’s first piece to be introduced to the world. This rig is a brilliant combination of their rolled cone bubbler and a concentrate rig. It is a fantastic piece as it allows you to easily switch between a cone or concentrate. The Merlin also has a quartz banger that unleashes all the flavor of your concentrate. Also, due to its compact size, Merlin offers thick and voluminous clouds with each draw. 

2. The Royale Mini Rig 

As you can see, The Royale is just like its name. But don’t let the aesthetics fool you because it is a beast when it comes to vapor. The Royale has the fab-egg percolator with small holes that connect the upper and lower chambers. This rig also has a flared mouthpiece which allows better airflow and even better flavor. 

3. The Jammer Mini Rig 

Want a simple yet, functional design? Try out the Jammer Mini Rig. It is one of MJ Arsenal’s best works. This rig has a base-connected percolator which will send your vapor to the bottom of the chamber and force it to rise through the water. The heat-resistant airpath then preserves the flavor and retains the Jammer’s aesthetics. But that’s not all. The Jammer Mini is perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand. Hence, you can take it anywhere and enjoy the moment. 

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