Silicon-Replacing The Standard Glass Pipes, Bongs, And Rigs

Silicon-Replacing The Standard Glass Pipes, Bongs, And Rigs

New material has recently entered the smoking equipment market and has already begun to make a mark. Silicon is the new material replacing glass smoking devices and nearly all the products are now being manufactured using silicon. You can get pipes, bongs, rigs, and many other accessories in this new material. 


Apart from being an “easy to handle” product, silicon equipment is available in several attractive colors. However, this material has its pros and cons. Let’s check them out. 


What Is Silicon?

Silicon is a hybrid material resembling the qualities of rubber and plastic. It is a synthetic polymer and has found its use in cookware, baking pans, ice cube molds, storage containers, and many others. 


Silica is obtained from ordinary beach sand and quartz which are then processed under extreme temperatures along with carbon. After this, silica is reacted with fossil fuels and purified which determines the quality of silicone resins. Since the material has been processed under high temperatures with chemicals, it is a stable polymer that can resist extreme heat and chemical reactions. 


Pros Of Using Silicon

Silicon offers various benefits over glass such as: 

  • Flexibility: Can be easily folded, bent, and stuffed into small spaces. Silicone bongs are also easy to carry without worrying about their breakage. 
  • Durability: since silicon is extremely flexible, it can’t break and works a lot better than glassware. No matter how rough the use is, a silicon bong will stay with you forever. 
  • Light-weight: silicon is a lightweight material as compared to glass. Hence, easy to carry. 
  • Cost-effective: silicon smoking equipment is mass-produced, hence, they cost a lot less than glassware. 
  • Easy to clean: since silicon is flexible and lightweight, it becomes easy for you to clean it without worrying about its breakage. 


Is It Safe To Use Silicon?

If you are thinking that silicon is ultimately a polymer and can be harmful to humans, then you might be wrong. FDA, U.S, and Health Canada have approved the use of silicon as a food-grade polymer. The research shows that there are no known health hazards associated with silicon as it does not react with food and beverages and neither does it produce any harmful fumes when heated. 


Silicon can withstand heat up to 600°F, however, it is not advisable to apply direct flame to the material. 


Does It Spoil The Taste? 

A silicon bowl will ideally not spoil the taste of your contents but there have been instances of people experiencing a slight odor or flavor in new devices. This is likely to fade away with use and proper cleaning. 


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