Use Herb Grinders And Get The Best Smoking Experience

Use Herb Grinders And Get The Best Smoking Experience

Herb grinders are a great way to crush your good stuff. However, some people prefer using their fingers for this job. Well, this is not something we would recommend. Crushing buds with your bare hands can bring up a few problems like the uneven breaking of the bud. You might end up breaking the bud or the flower into chunks which can smolder in the bowl. This can become even worse where you might end up with a torn joint due to these uneven pieces of the bud. 


If you are crushing up a dry bud, there are chances you would lose some amount of the kief during the crushing process. This can happen due to the touch of your fingers or some of it might just simply fall off your hands. 


To avoid such an unpleasant smoking experience, invest in a herb grinder. A herb grinder will yield finely ground herbs that will burn evenly and give you a great smoking experience. However, do not jump over the first grinder you find as all the grinders have different qualities. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a herb grinder: 

  • Single-chamber grinders: these are the simplest form of herb grinders with one chamber to place your herbs. There’s a simple way to operate it, place the herbs in between the teeth and twist. These are compact and easy to carry along. 
  • Triple-chamber grinder: this is a slightly complex version of the grinder with different chambers - the grinding chamber, the wire mesh chamber, and the collection chamber. You have to place your herbs in the top grinding chamber, twist a little and all the ground herbs will fall into the wire mesh chamber. After shaking it a little, the kief will sift into the collection chamber. Over time, you will have a good collection of potent kief in your grinder. 
  • Grater-style grinder: as the name suggests, these types of grinders are similar to the ones we normally use in our kitchen to grate cheese, etc. They are simple to operate but could be dangerous for your fingers. There are chances you might cut your fingertips while grinding weed. 
  • Rotary crank grinder: this is an “easy to use” version of the triple-chamber grinder with a handle at the top. The handle makes it easier for you to twist and grind your weed. 



Grinders are available in materials like wood, metal, plastic, and bamboo. We recommend you go for a metal grinder to avoid contaminating your stuff with other materials. 


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