MJ Arsenal Lustrous Apollo Mini Dab Rig

by puff21

Have you ever seen a magnificent glass piece that you can't help but look at it as a piece of art? That's the exact feeling you get looking at Apollo, the colorful mini rig. But that's not all; this beautiful glass rig has much to offer and is a worthy investment.


  • Height: 7inches

  • Base width: 2.5inches

  • Glass mini dab rig

  • 4mm borosilicate glass

  • 10mm female ground joint

  • 10mm quartz banger included

  • A taller body and orb chamber prevent splashback.


It's not a coincidence that this medium-min glass dab rig was named after a great Greek medicine god, Apollo. The rig lives up to its name and will leave you feeling healed from your ailments.

The shape will appeal to anyone who loves celestial bodies. Besides being impressive and attractive, the ball design is deliberate. It helps prevent splash backs, enhancing the user experience.

You don't have to worry about your dab's potency and flavor. This small rig preserves the experience, thanks to the low water line, which ensures you feel the dab's taste with your first hit.

Trust MJ Arsenal not to leave anything to chance. Each rig is precisely crafted to guarantee maximum enjoyment when in use. If you care about looks, Apollo will be an easy pick with its slender, sleek, and celestial design. The fact that it is part of the orbital series explains why it is attributed to the first moon landing.

Everything about its design takes the handcrafted piece to the next level. But its beauty is not the main reason you'll be drawn to it. Anyone who cares about their experience will love that it allows less air flow which translates to enhanced flavor. As a bonus, it comes with a 10ml banger and a reusable box. There is nothing not to love about Apollo.

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