Cartboy by Strio - Cart Battery

by puff21
Save 51%

Intrudcing the Cartboy by Strio, the new incognito way to vape on your carts. This is a 510 battery that covers your whole cart to look like a regular vape pen. No one will know what you are vaping on. This is the new innovation in 510 batteries. Strio keeps leading the way with this slick design. 

  • Available in 5 different colors
  • pre-heat function to avoid clogging
  • 320mah battery
  • fits all 510 carts (only 1 gram and half gram) 
  • variable voltage

How to use the Strio Cartboy:

  • First, pull the bottom of the device. 
  • screw your cart in the designated place.
  • snap pack and puff. (There are no button, it is that simple)
  • To pre-heat you have to puff 2 times within 1.5 seconds
  • to change voltage puff 3 times within 1.5 seconds.


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