Purple 63MM Tsunami Sunken Top Dry Herb Grinder

by puff21

A good grinder should execute its intended purpose perfectly. This is what the purple Tsunami 63mm top dry herb grinder does. 


  • 63mm 4-piece herb grinder

  • 28 Razor sharp blades, curved diamond teeth 

  • Magnetic lid that creates a smooth grinding effect 

  • Lightweight and highly durable chromium finish

  • Unique bowl-shaped lid that ensures efficient grinding 

  • Storage container with a scrapper tool 


This purple 63mm, 4-piece herb grinder delivers excellence in grinding herbs. Thanks to the razor-sharp blades and strong teeth, it will easily grind the herbs into the smallest sizes you need for an improved dabbing experience. Its lid is uniquely shaped (It takes the shape of a bowl) to ensure that the efficiency of the grinding process is maintained. Additionally, its storage container comes with a scraper tool, meaning that you can easily and conveniently clean it whenever you need to.

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