7″ Flower Marble Mini Water Pipe/ Rig

by puff21

This 7'' flower rig is ideal for those who want to enjoy their dabbing experience. Its showerhead perc ensures that it delivers the most refreshing rips. In addition, every detail of the MK115 7'' Flower marble rig is proof of excellent quality by the MK100 brand.


  • Inches: 7"

  • Thickness: 5 mm

  • Colors: Red, Blue, Aqua, Yellow, and Orange


You certainly want to enjoy your smoking experience with the right gadgets. This colorful 7'' flower marble rig ensures this is what you get. It features a shower head perc with colored dots that give you refreshing rips regardless of when you indulge. The blue marble flower pendant found in the middle of the rig allows you to see every detail of the flower.

The rig pieces come in one solid color all the way through, giving them a sleek and polished look. You will be amazed by how detailed these flowers are, but appreciate the bowl, which enhances its aesthetics. The ribboned horn bowl comes in the rig's matching color, giving the entire rig a stunning and outstanding appearance.

What's more, you do not have to choose a color that you don't like. The rigs are available in red, aqua, orange, yellow and blue. This gives you a variety to choose something you feel comfortable using regularly. So choose your favorite color and prepare to be blown away with the best rips ever. Its small size ensures that you will enjoy every bit of the experience.

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